The 1969 BSSE was quite momentous undertaking, being the first student exchange from Berkeley to Sakai for this fledgling Sister City relationship.  These students were the pioneers from Berkeley, travelling to the virtually unknown (at least to Berkeley students) country of Japan.   Timing was important as well.  The United States was in the middle of the Vietnam War with Berkeley squarely in the center of demonstrations against the war.  Japan was still a country and culture unknown to most in the US, though it was moving to be more open to the rest of the world.  Berkeley was a settling point for many Japanese and so had a large Japanese-American population.  Even in Berkeley, which was on the forefront of being culturally diverse, the idea of a group of 15 teenagers and young adults travelling to Sakai, Japan to stay with host families, with very limited knowledge on both ends of the other's language was a monumental undertaing.  Very brave individuals indeed!

1969 BSSE trip dates: 

1969 BSSE Documents and Photos

1969 BSSE Participants:

Leaders: Gus and Bea Moore

Asst Leader: Nancy Shimada

Nancy Babington Terry Baker
Charles Burton Gwendolyn Edmond
Patricia Green Laurel Harger
Amy Iwata George Mallman
Demetri Marshall Robert Monk
Linda Moore Bob Morris
Plezena Shack Susan Shaw
Valerie Yasukochi