2008 Berkeley to Sakai Goodwill Mission

Leaders:  Carolyn and Don Rising

Members:  Daniel Campbell

                 Mr. and Mrs Jack Harger

                 Mr. and Mrs. Bill McCullough

                 Mr. and Mrs. Jiro Kato

                 Mr. and Mrs. Hitoshi Maniwa

                 Ms. Phyllis Ogata

                 Mr. Bob Yamada

                 Mr. and Mrs. David Stevens

                 Ms. Sandra Finesilver

                 Mr. Walter Gross

                 Mr. and Mrs. Yukio Hayashi

                 Ms. Yoshi Vera Matsumura

                 Mrs. Shizu Sato





2017 Goodwill Visit to Sakai videos

Click one of the pictures below to enjoy a video slideshow of the 2017 Goodwill visit to Sakai 


2012 Goodwill Visit - Kyushu Island to Sakai City

The 2012 Goodwill Tour was undertaken by Berkeley-Sakai Association in celebration of the 45th Anniversary of our Association and our Sister City relationship with Sakai.  We toured Japan's most Southern Island of Kyushu starting in Kagoshima.

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2017 Goodwill Visit to Sakai -Oct. 2017

2017 is the 50th anniversary of Berkeley's sister city relationship with Sakai, Japan.  As part of our celebration of our sister city friendship, we had a 4-day Goodwill Visit to Sakai followed by a 12-day guided tour on Japan's main island of Honshu.

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