1986--The 1st Goodwill Mission, Berkeley-Sakai Association

Full trip March 14-23, 1986 in Berkeley March 17-19.

15 adults led by Kenzo Yamaji stayed in Berkeley for 2 nights.   Before visiting Berkeley they spent 2 days in LA and 1 day in SF.  After Berkeley they visited SF again and Honolulu before heading home.

For more information on this Goodwill visit including participants, hosts, and trip details, go to The 1st Goodwill Mission, Sakai-Berkeley Association.

The 1st Goodwill Mission, Sakai-Berkeley Association

1986 Goodwill Visit - March 14-23, 1986, in Berkeley March 17-19 

3/14-16: Fly Osaka to Narita to Los Angeles, Los Angeles, Disneyland, Fly LAX to SFO, tour San Francisco

3/17: bus from SF to Spengers for lunch, visit Berkeley City Hall and Mayor Newport, host family time

3/18: Visit New Eden Issei Housing Complex in Hayward, tour of UC Berkeley, Dinner at UCB Men's Faculty Club

3/19-23: Bus to SF, tour SF Fly SFO to Honolulu, Honolulu, Fly Honolulu to Osaka

Guest Host
Leader: Kenzo Yamaji Bales
Kunio Kakogawa Zacharia
Takeshi Harada Gallardo
Mieko Aoki Hotta
Yoshimi Asaka Gilchrist
Takako Bando Rising
Sachiko Hatanaka Schultz
Atsuko Ijiri Rising
Hiroshi Izumoto Gallardo
Noriko Kishi Schultz
Tokiko Nakatani Thompson
Kazuko Okada Thompson
Keiko Yamagino Shiromoto
Kazuko Harata Gilchrist
Hisao Yamamoto Rising

2014 Goodwill Visit and Artist Exchange

We hosted 24 Sakai Goodwill members and 8 Sakai Bridge Artists in Berkeley from September 12 - 16, 2014. On Friday, we welcomed our Sakai visitors with a Welcome BBQ Party at the Claremont Club. Saturday we had a bus tour of Berkeley, with stops at Lawrence Hall of Science, the UC Bear at the Cal Football stadium, the Downtown Farmer's Market and Berkeley Artist Irene Ifeld's Photo Gallery and adjacent art galleries on 25th Street in Oakland. We then had lunch at Brennan's on 4th Street and ended the tour at Takara Sake. At Takara Sake, we had a taiko drum performance by Tatsumaki Taiko.

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1974 Goodwill Mission to Berkeley - Pictures


1974 Goodwill Mission