The Student Exchanges from 1992 through 2007 were 6th grade middle school exchanges.  This exchange started between the Berkeley Unified School District and Sakai's Children's Circle Group (representing the 6 school districts in Sakai.)  In 1992 and 1993, Sakai students visited Berkeley and in 1994, the first group of Berkeley students went to Sakai.  There after, the exchanges alternated from year to year.  The visit to the host city was about 7-10 days.  Sakai typically sent 6 boys and 6 girls with 3 chaperones and a translator and Berkeley typically sent 14-18 students and 3 chaperones.  In 1996, the Berkeley-Sakai Association took over all the the organization of and management of the student exchange for the Berkeley Unified School District providing all funding, leadership and communications with Sakai. The Berkeley-Sakai side of the exchange was sponsored by the parent's of the students going and the Berkeley-Sakai Association.  The Sakai-Berkeley side was sponsored by the Children's Circle Group and Sakai City.

List of 1992 - 2007 Exchanges

1992 Sakai-Berkeley Student Exchange

1993 Sakai-Berkeley Student Exchange

1994 Berkeley-Sakai Student Exchange

1995 Sakai-Berkeley Student Exchange

1996 Exchange cancelled due to food poisoning outbreak in Sakai

1997 Berkeley-Sakai Student Exchange

1998 Sakai-Berkeley Student Exchange

1999 Berkeley-Sakai Student Exchange

2000 Sakai-Berkeley Student Exchange

2001 Berkeley-Sakai Student Exchange

2002 Sakai-Berkeley Student Exchange

2003 Berkeley-Sakai Student Exchange

2004 Sakai-Berkeley Student Exchange

2005 Berkeley-Sakai Student Exchange

2006 Sakai-Berkeley Student Exchange

2007 Berkeley-Sakai Student Exchange