2018 Exchange pictured above


2024 EXCHANGE - Berkeley Students Excited to visit Sakai!!

Japan is reopen to travel and so we are currently planning our 2024 Exchange Trip.

The Berkeley-Sakai Association has 6 students and 3 chaperones to travel to Sakai, Japan for about 14 days during the summer of 2024 (late July to early August).  We are planning side trips to Kyoto, Nara, and Hiroshima.  Berkeley students will stay with host families in Sakai and in hotels when visiting other cities overnight.  We have started our monthly meetings involving history, language, and culture - so far.  The students are starting to work on a group presentation in Sakai and designing the T-shirts we will wear and give as gifts to our hosts.  Cost per student has been approximately $2500 for airfare, hotel and food in the past, and we are working on ways to help with those costs.  As we purchase the airfare and book hotels we will know more.  Full or partial scholarships may be available to students based upon need.

We are always looking for scholarship donations to help our students go on the exchange.  Please donate to the Fern Harger Student Exchange Scholarship Fund